CES 2014: BEM Wireless Speaker Band Answers the Call

At CES 2014 today, bem wireless entered the fray with a wearable speakerphone called the speaker band. Not only is it practical, but people don’t have to wonder if you’re talking to yourself.

More than just fast fashion, the speaker band acts as a Bluetooth speakerphone on your wrist, enabling you to engage in a phone call without having to find your phone.

The speaker band comes with caller ID and is also compatible with most voice recognition apps, so you don’t have to dial manually before making a call. The six hour talk time give you plenty of juice on long trips, and it’s also designed with soft-touch materials so long-term comfort isn’t an issue.

The speaker band comes in an array of colors, including black, white, red, gray and green so you can pick the one that suits your personality best. The fact that it doesn’t come in pink doesn’t alarm us in the least.


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