CES 2014: Braven’s Vibe Wireless Surrounds You with Sound

Braven’s Vibe Wireless speaker wants to revolutionize the idea of surround sound, with its new Vibe system, making it possible for those of us without a hefty budget to create a multiple audio channel experience anywhere.

Braven unveiled Vibe at CES 2014 this week, showing off the world’s first portable distributed audio system, operated via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Vibe’s brag factor is pretty simple  it creates a wireless sound network allowing users to single stream different music into different spaces  jazz in the living room, classic rock in the bedroom, etc.

Users can share music cross multiple devices, and stream audio from multiple rooms, indoors or out, from a smartphone or any wireless device. The Vibe enables users to set up speaker zones, even integrating existing speakers. It’s the only system utilizing Wi-fi and Bluetooth with an app establishing speaker groups under the same network. The customization possibilities are endless.