CES 2014: Native Union Laying New Cable with Jump, Night

The crew behind Australia’s Native Union have designed a new range of cables at CES 2014 this week  the JUMP cable and the NIGHT cable.

The NIGHT cable solves the frustrating problem of short charging cords which limit reach, and longer cords that fall off night-stands and tables providing plenty of tripping opportunities. The 3-meter nylon cable is weighted with a hand-tied knot in the middle, and a leather stopper to keep it in place.

JUMP is a bit more of a multitasker. Funded through a Kickstarter campaign with over a month left, yet already past its goal by 50 percent, this compact cable provides an emergency re-charge, boosting your battery’s life by one-third.

What sets JUMP apart from the other portable SOS chargers is its patented AutoCharge technology. Once it’s done juicing your phone, power gets re-directed to recharge itself automatically, so you’re ready for the next panic moment. The cable comes neatly wrapped around a container small enough to fit inside the coin pocket of a pair of jeans and weighs no more than 2 AA batteries