CES 2014: Braven Bank Locks Up Your Battery Power

Braven, the Utah-based company best known for its portable, life-proof speakers, is entering a new arena with a water-resistant back-up battery. It’s a natural transition for a company already making speakers hailed for their superior audio quality, good looks, and mobility.

The portable BRV-Bank is wrapped in durable material that can withstand a few accidents. For those drawn to LaCie hard drives, the BRV-Bank offers the same sort of chest-beating street cred with its battle-tested exterior.

The BRV-Bank, with integrated Bluetooth technology, connects to a custom app to wirelessly monitor battery levels, charge devices, and even enables users to locate the bank from a Smartphone or tablet. The bank can be operated remotely and is available in 6000 mAh and 8000 mAh with two outputs, and, just like GI Joe, it packs a flashlight.


CES 2014: Day 1 at the Consumer Electronics Show; 1/7/14