CES 2014: Vegas Becomes a Tech Battleground

CES 2014 VIDEO: First Look Event Update


As I walk the floor of the Consumer Electronics Show any given year in Las Vegas, I find yourself in a sea of booths and displays — many selling the same kind of gadgets. I spend a lot of time thinking about how they all stay in business amidst all of the competition.

The 2014 CES won't be any different. It will fill every bi of floor space at the Las Vegas Convention Center with companies offering the latest and greatest in smartphones, headphones, speakers, Bluetooth sound systems and other popular gadgets. They stand in direct competition with each other — struggling to snag every possible shred of consumer market share. 

If you consider the makers of Bluetooth speakers, just a few of the manufacturers on the convention floor include Sony, Soundrage, Braven, Cambridge Audio, Edifier, Scosche, SMS and others are just a few of the manufacturers promoting Bluetooth sound systems these days. They'll mix it up at CES. On the headphone side, there's Marshall, Sony, Panasonic, Griffin, SMS, Wicked Audio and others.

The most amazing factor with all of those companies and so many products colliding is that quality abounds. There's a lot of similarity in the competitors work. Maybe there's an edge here in audio quality here, or durability there — but you could buy any pair of headphones or any particular speaker and head home perfectly happy. It's easy to wonder how all of the purveyors stay in business.

So, when it comes to more common consumer products — aside from the newer, cutting edge technologies – CES comes down to presentation and publicity. Since consumers can't actually attend the Consumer Electronics Show, the manufacturers are working to impress and inform the thousands of media professionals on hand to get the word out into that market. It's becoming a bigger challenge each year to find key differences to rate the competition.

That's the real driving engine for CES. It's a bridge between new competing products and the public. CraveOnline will be on hand at CES in force with both video and written reports of both cutting edge technologies and mass market electronics.

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