808 Audio Throws a Party with New Hex Speaker, Turntable

This writer fusses over this issue often when writing up tech reviews, but there are so many makers of headphones and bluetooth speakers out there these days, it’s tough to see how some stay in business. The smart ones specialize and crave out a specific market.

The folks at 808 Audio look to have pegged a younger crowd, focusing on the youth party and self-expression angle. Now, two new products this spring continue that strategy.

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The 808 Audio Wireless Streaming Turntable (above) is another player in the building momentum back to analog music and records. Obviously, the standalone device is a fully functioning turntable to play those records. It connects to speakers both wirelessly via Bluetooth and with cables.

And, 808 appeals to the party crowd by throwing in an LED light show with the Turntable’s built-in pre-amplifier for big sound.

Screen Shot 2017-05-01 at 2.35.02 AM

The latest in 808 Audio’s flashy Hex speaker series, the Encore Wireless speaker is definitely aimed squarely at the youth party crowd. Just look at it. It packs a big bass speaker offers and a “high-energy” LED light show. Simple controls like a Bass Boost button make the device easy to use in crazier environments.

There’s an included karaoke function with two microphone inputs for revelers to sing along with the text screen. Finally, there’s a flash of utility with the system as the Encore’s rechargeable battery can charge additional devices with two USB charging and audio inputs.