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Switch Up Your Summer Playlist With the World’s Smallest Record Player

According to most music nerds, vinyl is the best medium for music. About more than just the sound — although that is important — the experience of shopping for records and then playing them is practically a coming-of-age ritual. And it’s hard to deny how a record collection adds a certain vibe to your living space.

Why not combine this cherished vintage technology with something more modern so you can enjoy the experience anywhere? The RokBlok Wireless Record Player is just the thing to make that happen. Also known as the world’s smallest record player, this device puts a modern spin on the world of vinyl.

Small enough to bring along with you anywhere, the RokBlok makes sharing the audio love a cinch. All you have to do is place the RokBlok on your record and raise the control lever to start playing via a built-in analog speaker.

Not really feeling the sound from the record player? Another cool thing about the RokBlok is that you can also send your music via a wireless connection to a Bluetooth device. The rechargeable battery gives you up to four hours of playtime, so you can have a full-on dance party whenever the mood strikes.

You can get RokBlok: The World’s Smallest Wireless Record Player V1.5 for $89.99 when you purchase it here. That’s a 9% discount on the original retail price of $99.

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