STAR CARS Ep 14: ‘The Homer’ Simpsons LeMons Race Car

Imagine you only had $500 to design a race car that’s not only fast, but could withstand 24 hours of non-stop racing. Oh, and points for creativity! You’d be hard pressed to come up with something as awesome as what the folks at Porcubimmer Motors have created for their LeMons steed.

LeMons racing emphasizes wackiness and fun, with a $500 price cap for all entrants. Team Porcubimmer had already had successful runs in their stripped-down beater BMW; first as a porcupine, then as Stephen King's murderous movie car Christine. But what to make next?

Enter “The Homer,” as seen in the classic Season 2 "Simpsons" episode “O Brother Where Art Thou.”  It’s an endearing abomination only Homer could’ve designed.

This example is first and foremost a race car, but the owners still went all out by installing a backseat bubble for Bart and Lisa, a big-rig horn that plays La Cucaracha on demand, massive tailfins, and countless other details. "Simpsons" creator Matt Groening even approved it in-person. Woo-hoo!

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