Hardcore ‘Simpsons’ Fan Has 53 Homer Simpson Arm Tattoos

The idea of the Homer tats came to Viner when he went to a tattoo shop to get an anime drawing tattooed. But when the convo turned to Michael Baxter, a 52-year-old Australian who has 203 different Simpsons tattoos on his back, Viner had a change of heart.

So two sessions, 14 hours, and $642 later, Viner, who hopes to get into Guinness World Records by having the most tattoos of a single cartoon character, now has 53 Homer tattoos. Good going, dude.

“Some of the outlines really hurt ― especially the ones on the crease where my bicep meets my forearm ― it was remarkably painful,” Viner added.

Now his arm isn’t done, as Viner hopes to add color in the future. Take a look at the video below to see more of Viner and his tats, and to hear of his inspiration for his tats.

Oh, and if Viner wants the record, he’s going to have to provide Guinness World Records with proof from a dermatologist or doctor stating his tattoos are real.

h/t Huffington Post

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