Jose Canseco Pulled Over with Diaper Wearing Goats in Car

If you had asked us which words we thought would never appear together in a sentence, we might have come up with: Jose Canseco, diaper and goats. Well played, Canseco.

The former slugger and snitch got pulled over Wednesday somewhere near his home in Las Vegas with two fainting goats in the back of his car … wearing diapers. Crave’s NESN documents Canseco’s tweets of the adventure, saying first: “Just got pulled over with goats in the car. The cop laughed at our poor goats. Awesome”

Then the next day, trying to explain the Huggies: “Yes everyone my girlfriend @ModelLeila & I bought fainting goats& they were in the car w/diapers so they don’t piss and shit everywhere”

The reason goats are in diapers in Canseco’s car: because he’s involved in a documentary about fainting goats.

Well, we’re going to turn off the internet now because there is nothing left to see. Carry on.



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