First Look: Inhumanity #1

We've known it was coming for a while now – after Infinity comes Inhumanity. Matt Fraction and Olivier Coipel are teamping up to deliver a new era in the lives of the Inhumans. After Thanos made Black Bolt his business while trying to kill his own Inhuman bastard son Thane, Attilan is destroyed, Black Bolt is presumed dead, and a Terrigen bomb has exploded, coccooning unsuspecting people throughout the globe and giving them strange and frightening new powers.

What is it like to suddenly wake up one day with super powers? Well, it's like being a mutant. Except it's different now! There's a coccoon involved! Also, there's the whole matter of the Inhuman Royal Family, and what they'll do in the aftermath of the destruction of all they hold dear. Karnak begins to uncover the secrets of Black Bolt and his brother Maximus, and it's a scary proposition for the future.

Check out this preview of Inhumanity #1, due out next month.