First Look At Marvel’s ‘Inhumans’ TV Series

Next fall, Blackagar Boltagon is going to make his debut on the big screen before moving to television. Marvel Studios may have abandoned the Inhumans movie, but Marvel TV not only has a series lined up at ABC, but an IMAX release of the two-part pilot episode in September. While Inhumans is in production, Marvel and ABC haven’t really shown many official images…until now.

Entertainment Weekly has debuted the first cast photo from Marvel’s Inhumans series. In this picture, from left-to-right, you can see Eme Ikwuakor as Gorgon,  Ken Leung as Karnak, Anson Mount as Black Bolt, Serinda Swan as Medusa, Isabelle Cornish as Crystal, and Iwan Rheon as Maximus. Collectively, they’re known as the royal family. Maximus is Black Bolt’s brother, while Black Bolt’s wife, Medusa, is the sister of Crystal.

Inhumans cast first look

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The costumes have taken a lot of criticism online, largely for Medusa’s hair and the way that the show has apparently abandoned the iconic masks of Black Bolt and Medusa. We could live with these changes, but it would be very annoying if these costumes suddenly found their way into Marvel’s comic book universe. Unfortunately, that’s probably what will happen.

While speaking with EW, showrunner Scott Buck offered up a few hints about what to expect in the eight episode first season. He also predicted that the Inhumns’ giant teleporting dog, Lockjaw, would be a fan favorite. “Lockjaw is probably going to end up being the audience’s favorite character,” related Buck. “We certainly enjoy working with him. He’s fun to write, he’s fun to shoot. There’s not too much more detail than that that I can give, but he is going to be a standout on the show.”

You can read the rest of Buck’s EW interview here.

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Photo Credit: Entertainment Weekly/ABC/Marvel TV