Our First Look at Brie Larson in Her Captain Marvel Costume

After years of development, audiences are finally getting ready to see the powerful Carol Danvers a.k.a. Captain Marvel make her big screen debut in 2019 with both her solo movie in March, as well as the fourth Avengers film in May. While there have been numerous fan-made images of actress Brie Larson (Room, Kong: Skull Island) donning the classic Danvers costume, there was a bit of a shock when set photos were released from the untitled Avengers grand finale showing something different.

In the photos released, rather than the popular red, gold and blue costume seen in the comics, Larson is donning a costume in a navy-blue and teal color scheme, as well as having her natural long hair for the character rather than the shorter haircut we’ve seen more recently.

Given that the film is set in the ’90s, this hairstyle actually makes a lot of sense, as this was around the time the bob haircut, “The Rachel,” was widely popular thanks to Jennifer Aniston’s character on the first two seasons of Friends, which ran 1994-96. The color scheme on the costume has sent a lot of speculation through the internet as to why they chose the navy-and-teal suit, which very much resembles the suit the original Captain Marvel, the Kree alien Mar-Vell, wore, and with Jude Law set to portray Mar-Vell in the solo outing, there’s certainly signs pointing towards potentially a passing-down of the suit to the next hero in the Captain line.

Are you excited to see Captain Marvel make it to the big screen? What do you think of her new costume?


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