Kings of Horror: Blooper Edition

Every day throughout the month of October, William “Bibbs” Bibbiani from The B-Movies Podcast and Ryan Turek from Shock Till You Drop reviewed a different theatrically-released horror movie based on the works of Stephen King. And we lied and said it was a 31-episode web series. You can’t put together 31 episodes of anything without producing a ton of bloopers, so today we’re finishing the Kings of Horror with a special blooper reel for all the fans who supported us throughout the run of the show.

Dear god, we produced a lot of episodes. This shit was ridiculous, on and off the set. There’s absolutely no way we would ever do anything like this again… unless you wanted us to. Or if we got bored.

In any case, drop us a line on Twitter at @WilliamBibbiani@_RyanTurek and @STYDNews to let us know what you thought of the series, which episodes were your favorites, what movies we reviewed totally wrong and if there were any films that you never knew about that managed to pique your interest.

More importantly, let us know what you’d like to see us do next here at CraveOnline’s Film Channel and/or Shock Till You Drop, because we love our jobs. Every excruciating minute of them. You want an ongoing web series? More specials? What topics are you interested in? We have ideas – very exciting ideas – but we want to make sure to give you what you want.

And most importantly, thank you for watching, thank you for your feedback, and thank you for being cool enough to want to see 31 webisodes dedicated to movies adapted from the works of Stephen King. That makes you all awesome.

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