First Look: Nova #10 Is Also Nova #100

Every time some fans flip their lids when a big company restarts and renumbers a series, they should keep in mind that nobody stops counting the issues. Case in point, Marvel’s celebrating Nova #10 next week with a super-sized edition that also marks the 100th issue in the history of the Human Rocket’s various incarnations. Thus, Nova #10 is also Nova #100.

The issue will not only feature a story from Zeb Wells and Carlo Barberi, but it’s also the debut of the new series writer Gerry Duggan (whom you may know from Deadpool) and he’s teaming with Paco Medina. It will also feature an appearance by the new version of the New Warriors in anticipation of their own series coming in February.

“It took us a few decades to get to #100 and Zeb’s wrap up along with Gerry’s explosive debut story is a perfect way to celebrate this well-earned anniversary,” says Senior Editor Stephen Wacker. “With the Nova Corps showing up in next summer’s Guardians of the Galaxy movie, Marvel’s coolest new hero is going to have a huge spotlight and this is the place where Nova blasts off big time!”

Here’s a first look at Nova #10 (#100). Dare we dream we might get Richard Rider back, too?




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