The Big List: Tourists Defy U.S. Government! Most Offensive Team Names!

Time to go to Washington, D.C. on vacation, see that the monuments are apparently all closed because of the government shutdown, say “f*** that noise,” step around the one tiny barricade saying the National Mall is closed and check out these links!


Insane Tourists Blatantly Defying The U.S. Government’s Demands

They came to see the Washington Monument. They’ll end up on the FBI’s Most Wanted list.


Most Offensive Team Names,34170

Go Sacramento Sex Slaves!


Artie Lange On His Suicide Attempt And Life After Howard Stern

The interview takes place in the room he attempted to commit suicide in. Comedians live such funny lives!


More People You See At Every Nerd Convention

Keep Calm and Eat More Nachos.


Some Guy Made All The Food From Patton Oswalt’s “Black Angus” Bit,104074/

Deep fried pumpkin never looked so… much like a real thing now?


That’s all for this this nerdy edition of The Big List!


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