5 Funny Videos About Cheating In School


Psst. What’d you get for question 3? Psssst. What’d you get for question 4? Psssssssst. What’d you get for — *Detention’d* YouTuber sWooZie was a cheating master throughout his academic career, and he confesses / spills his secrets in these hilarious cartoons. Here are 5 funny videos about cheating in school:


Cheating In Middle School

Conjugate this, Josh.


Cheating In High School

Whenever a child is sick in school, there’s an angle.


Cheating In High School: Part 2

That girl was so sexy, I had to cheat.


Cheating In High School: Part 3

Like a boss, like an idiot – it’s all the same, really.


Cheating In College

The next day the teacher calls him into his office to give him an anti-cheating plaque, as is the custom in higher education.


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