Ten More of the Best X-Rated Scenes in Films

Odd thing about x-rated movies: The more explicit pornography proliferates online, the less nudity there seems to be in mainstream films. Perhaps this is a conscious effort to maintain a balance of flesh, so to speak. Perhaps, and more likely, many actors and actresses are ever more conscious about how their nude scenes will be catalogued online; they want to make a daring and sexy scene for a feature film, but are aware that certain “celebrity skin” websites are gathering up such scenes, and turning them into sexy “highlights” reels free of context, and full of buttocks. Occasionally, though, a nice sexy film slips through (so to speak). Paul Schrader’s recent film The Canyons, for instance, features copious nudity, scenes of men masturbating on camera, and a notorious foursome scene with Lindsay Lohan and adult superstar James Deen.

Movies With X-rated Scenes

CraveOnline has already gathered 10 such movies in the past (in the article The Best X-Rated Scenes in Films), but there is so much more sexiness to explore. Here, then, are ten more of the best X-rated scenes from mainstream movies.

AEE 2014: Sophie Dee Interview with Ela Darling by CraveOnline


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