Andre Ward: I’ll Drop Weight Class to Fight Floyd Mayweather

With so much downtime between fights, it’s practically essential every once in a while for a pair of big-name fighters to diss each other a bit and create some hostility.  I mean, what would boxing be without a whole lot of attitude and too much time of its hands?

Fight fans all over the web have been talking about who’ll be the next fighter to take on WBC welterweight uber-champion Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Well, WBA/WBC super middleweight champ Andre Ward wants it to be him, according to a report on Crave’s boxing site Boxing Scene.

Ward stated on the social networks – “Lil Floyd says he spars middleweights. He is the only man I will sacrifice coming to 160 for. He won’t take that bait!!!”

Ward, who’s never dipped below 168 pounds in his pro career, seems to want to make an exception for the outspoken Mayweather.

Wonder if that has anything to do with a recent Fight Hype interview, in which Mayweather said Ward “can’t sell tickets nowhere. He can’t sell tickets in Las Vegas. This is the only guy I know that’s a gold medalist, but don’t nobody know he’s a gold medalist. …If you’re not in Oakland, you don’t even know who he is.”

Since Mayweather has fight deals with Showtime and Ward fights for HBO, it seems incredibly unlikely this fight would ever come to pass, no matter who much jawing these two do.  But we’ll see…


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