5 Reactions To The Empire Strikes Back Reveal

“No, I am your father.” Whaaa?! That scene in Empire Strikes Back is arguably the best twist in the history of movies, unless you watched the Star Wars prequels before the original trilogy. If that is the case, you make me very sad. Here are videos of 5 reactions to Darth Vader’s reveal from people watching Empire Strikes Back for the first time:


Kids Are Shocked

This video is like a time machine into my past.


8-Year-Old Girl Is Shocked

She had to look. We all had to look.


Son Is Shocked

The power of the Dark Side is to surprise this child.


Little Girl Is Shocked

A few minutes later, her parents revealed to her that she’s adopted. She was less surprised by that.


23 Year-Old Dude Is Shocked

Also, how the f*** did he not know this by now?


Bonus: Best Cry Ever

I’m not sure who’s more upset about the news: Luke or this guy?


Geoffrey Golden is the Editor-In-Chief of The Devastator comedy magazine. Header image via.


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