Roger Moore & Ian Ogilvy Return To ‘The Saint’

The Saints are coming home.

Earlier this month, it was revealed that a new update of “The Saint” was underway with “Hunted” co-star, Adam Rayner in the coveted role of Simon Templar, with former “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “Dollhouse” star, Eliza Dushku attached as the female lead, Patricia Horn.

At the time, it was also announced that the original Saint, Roger Moore had joined the project as a co-producer alongside his son, Geoffrey Moore. But the elder Moore’s role won’t simply be offscreen.

Deadline is reporting that Moore has agreed to join the cast of “The Saint” reboot as Jasper. Moore played Templar in the first TV incarnation of “The Saint” during the ‘60s before he became the third actor to portray James Bond in EON’s 007 film franchise.

Additionally, Ian Ogilvy will also have a part in the reboot as “The Banker.” Ogilvy played Simon Templar on the first revival series, “The Return of the Saint” in 1978.

Other cast members signed on for “The Saint” include James Remar (“Dexter”), Greg Grunberg (“Heroes”), Michael Ornstein (“Sons Of Anarchy”), Beatrice Rosen (“The Dark Knight”), Jason Brooks (Star Trek) and Yani Gellman (“90210”).

Simon West is slated to direct the pilot episode, with “Lost” veteran Jesse Alexander writing the script and spearheading the project as an executive producer.

“The Saint” reboot doesn’t currently have a network attached, but the completed pilot will be used to shop the potential series at some point in 2013.