Exclusive: Eliza Dushku on ‘The Gable 5’

Eliza Dushku The Gable 5

Filmmaker Kevin Tancharoen made his mark on the webseries landscape with the first two seasons of “Mortal Kombat: Legacy” on Machinima. Now Tancharoen is back on Machinima with a new webseries pilot, “The Gable 5.” And he’s brought in Eliza Dushku as the star of “The Gable 5.”
Dushku is an action icon among genre fans thanks to her memorable turn as Faith in “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” and her starring roles in “Tru Calling” and “Dollhouse.” In “The Gable 5,” Dushku plays a young woman who finds herself locked in a secret facility run by Dr. Conrad Gable, a researcher who is developing a way to end humanity’s capacity for war. But first, Gable will subject Dushku’s character to a hellish ordeal in order to get what he needs from her.
Earlier this week, Dushku spoke with CraveOnline and explained how she came to be on “The Gable 5.”
“‘The Gable 5’ is some new badassery conceived by Kevin Tancharoen, who is an extension of my Whedon family,” said Dushku. “He is Maurissa’s little brother and Maurissa is married to Jed [Whedon], who is also Joss’ little brother. He approached me with this idea and the concept was something that I was really excited about.”
“I loved this idea of deconstructing science and psychology to change current and future humanity,” added Dushku. “It’s something that we attempted — and were limited in doing — with ‘Dollhouse.’ It’s in the same vein and we of course, jam packed it full of asskicking." 
When asked about filming “The Gable 5,” Dushku replied “I remember one long, incredible day where we had so much to work through. And I think I had to kill 15 guys in one day… And I think that’s part of why [Tancharoen] asked me to be a part of it. He knew that in the tenth hour, I’m still ready to jump off of a rail again and meat hook a guy.”
For now, “The Gable 5” exists only as a pilot episode. But according to Dushku, it could go on to become a series. “It could live on if people are drawn to this world and interested and find it as thought provoking and epic as we do, then we may get the chance.”
“The Gable 5” is now live on Machinima Prime. You can watch the first episode below.