The Essential Film & TV Roles of Sir Roger Moore (1927-2017)

The world has lost one of its most dashing actors. Sir Roger Moore, the star of The Saint and seven blockbuster James Bond movies, has died at the age of 89.

The English actor had a sprawling film and television career that spanned almost seventy years. Sir Roger Moore worked his way up from small roles and advertisements to eventually star in hit television series (and some not-so-hit television series). One of the sexiest actors in the industry, he was considered for the role of James Bond twice – for Dr. No and On Her Majesty’s Secret Service – before he finally took over the series in 1973, with the blockbuster Live and Let Die.

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Sir Roger Moore played James Bond in seven films, more than any other actor, and redefined the character as a flip and funny superspy who could shrug off the increasingly bizarre situations that befell him throughout Moore’s tenure. James Bond seemed to be enjoying himself in the Roger Moore movies, making it easier for audiences to enjoy themselves too, whether the movies were great (For Your Eyes OnlyThe Spy Who Loved Me) or not (MoonrakerOctopussy).

For many audience members, Sir Roger Moore will always be James Bond. But although he earned his place at or near the top of everyone’s favorite Bonds, his career was more diverse than many realize. As we mourn the loss of this debonair icon, we wanted to invite you to join us in a look back at the actor’s most indispensable roles, big screen and small, famous and somewhat obscure.

Rest in peace, Sir Roger Moore. Cinema will never forget you.

The Essential Film & TV Roles of Sir Roger Moore:

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