Funny Ghosts Caught On Tape! (video)

It's Halloween time and we here at CRAVE love a good scare. And with Halloween right around the corner we thought it was the right time to bring you six videos we found on YouTube that feature people being haunted by ghosts with a sense of humor. They're called "comedy ghosts," and they won't rest until Robin Williams is stopped. 

Take a look:


Arguing Ghosts!

This is a direct pull from the alternate version of The Three Stooges.


Dumbass Ghosts!

They might be dead, but that doesn't make 'em smarter. 


Ghosts Who Can't Catch a Break!

Should've showed him something real scary — like Katy Perry's movie. 


Utterly Lame Ghosts!

Paramount has optioned this into a 3-picture deal. 


Japanese Game Show Ghosts!

WHY do these people enjoy terrorizing one another so much?


More Japanese Ghosts!

This is basically the Japanese version of Family Feud


– Happy Halloween from CRAVE!