Visiting the Ghosts of Glamis Castle: Most Haunted in Scotland

When a building happens to be a former royal residence and an active household home to more than 1,000 years of Scottish history, you don’t need a squadron of ghosts to attract travelers.

Still, come Halloween, it helps. Glamis Castle in Angus claims at least seven ghosts and a monster or two — but don’t let that keep you away from this stately, ancient venue.

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Glamis Castle is the home of the Earl and Countess of Strathmore and Kinghorne, The current Earl is a bachelor and resides in the private areas of the house throughout the year. There’s been some sort of lodgings on the site since at least 1034 A.D.

In the centuries to follow, Glamis was used as the setting for the murderous deeds of Shakespeare’s Macbeth and served as the childhood home the late Queen Mother Princess Margaret, sister of Queen Elizabeth II, was born at Glamis.

But, it’s Halloween and we need to make with the ghosts here. There are multiple players on this pitch. There’s a pious specter who visits the house’s chapel. Another spook will play cards with the devil until doomsday, while the deformed Monster of Glamis was reportedly walled up within the walls to hide it from the world.

I have to report an unfortunate absence of ghosts in the most haunted castle in Scotland. Now, I can’t say there are none in the building. I just didn’t see or interact with them. It seems careless that so many ghosts wander the stoney halls, but none came out to visit me.

It’s almost as if there weren’t any ghosts. You might think that’s because ghosts don’t exist — and historical attractions in the UK and elsewhere use tales of them to attract more travelers. But, since it’s Halloween, we won’t make such a rude claim.

Regardless of whether the traveler is cursed be a desire to see a spirit, Glamis offers endless chances for great photography, entertaining history lessons and a gift shop haunted by great sales that’s not to be missed.


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