Exclusive TV Spot: End of Watch


"That guy is into something."

"Yeah, but you're not a detective."

End of Watch, the latest cop drama from David Ayer, the writer of Training Day and director of Brooklyn's Finest, hits theaters on September 21, but we've got an exclusive look at the new preview right now. Jake Gyllenhaal (Source Code) and Michael Pena (Crash) play young cops who keep running afoul of a Mexican drug cartel and end up with a price on their heads. Along the way we get to know their personal lives and deep friendship through the video cameras Gyllenhaal uses to document his dayjob for a night school project. End of Watch also stars Anna Kendrick (ParaNorman), Natalie Martinez (Death Race), America Ferrera ("Ugly Betty"), Frank Grillo (The Grey), David Harbour ("The Newsroom") and Cody Horn (Magic Mike). Enjoy.