Exclusive: George Lucas is Not Writing Indiana Jones 5 Yet


We got to speak to producer Frank Marshall this weekend for The Bourne Legacy. Bourne is only one of major franchises Marshall produces. He’s been with the Indiana Jones, Jurassic Park and many other classic Amblin franchises in his decades-long career.

So when we started asking about George Lucas’s progress with the fifth Indiana Jones screenplay, he set us straight. “As far as I know he’s not writing a fifth Indy, Marshall said.

This contradicts reports from others close to the Indy franchise. Both Steven Spielberg and Harrison Ford have said that Lucas is working on a follow-up to Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. But Marshall would certainly know if there was a script in progress.

“I think he’s thinking about ideas but he’s certainly not writing one, Marshall said. “We’d love to keep the series going but again it’s got to be a really good story. They’re hard to do.”

Rumors of Jurassic Park IV keep coming and going too. Marshall said this sequel is closer to fruition than you might expect. “It’s got new life, he said. “It’s in development. It’s got new life. I can tell you that that is moving forward.”

Some early reports suggested that the plot is about the government developing weaponized dinosaurs. Well, non-spoiler alert… that’s not true. So there’s still a chance you could be surprised by the plot of the next Jurassic Park movie!

“No, no, that’s another rumor, Marshall said about the armed dinosaur idea. “That’s not it.”

CraveOnline will have more on the Bourne franchise and Marshall’s filmography after we stop asking if we can do it and start asking if we should.