How many people can claim to have actually watched an entire film series, non stop, in a row? Doing so, particularly with a crowd, can vastly alter your judgment on the merits of each film.

After Bondathon, Trekathon, Batathon, and our Star Wars marathon, we decided to tackle the Alien and Predator franchises in celebration of the release of Prometheus. We had a record turnout- 35 total (36 if you count one pregnant fan as 2). As before, our guests would rate each film on a scale from 0 to 10, 10 being perfect, in order to determine which movie was the best and which came out the worst. Prometheus was the wild card in this one…See how it stacked up against the classics (and not so classics) below-

The movies were viewed in Blu-ray with surround sound in their theatrical editions to keep them consistent. Crave Online team members in attendance included William Bibbiani, Athena Stamos, Alex Wills, and Brad Hansen. founders Hunter Johnson and Megan Perrin were also guests.

What are your thoughts on our rankings, and especially of Prometheus? Sound off below!



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