Talkin’ Sex With Tasha Reign

So I had a chat with 23-year-old pornstar, Playboy and Penthouse model Tasha Reign for Talkin' Sex this week. What did we discuss? Japanese fetish porn and having sex with Anchorman, of course! 


CRAVE ONLINE: Aside from being paid to have sex, what are some of the other positive points of being a porn star?

TASHA REIGN: I feel very independent and I’m able to do many different things rather than just have sex. I dance on the weekends and I shoot my own content for my website – there’s just so many really neat outlets that I can do, it’s not just porn.


You’ve starred in an Anchorman porn parody. Was it difficult keeping a straight face while having sex with Ron Burgundy?

Yeah… it was… yeah… I’m not gonna lie, it was a little bit tricky. I just did not like that costume on him.


How did you get through it?

I just tried to find something attractive about it. I just hoped that people watching thought that Ilooked hot, y’know? It was a very weird costume he was wearing and there was so much dialogue, so I had to see him for more than just one day… it was pretty bad.


You’ve also starred in an American Dad porn parody. What about a Family Guy porn parody?

Yeah, I would definitely do that!


I’m not sure how the casting for Stewie and Brian would work, though.



You’ve also appeared in Playboy magazine. Did you get to spend much time in the mansion?

I did!


Is it just one big orgy in there or is that a myth?

It’s a myth. It’s not like that at all. We would just watch movies and hang out by the pool.


Really? No crazy parties?

There were some parties but they didn’t happen very often. When they did happen they weren’t orgies – it was just a bunch of girls dressing up in pretty clothes and taking photos of themselves, like Prom or something.


Aside from your work in porn, you also present a weekly show for Rock Confidential. Tell us a little about it.

I listen to new music and talk about how it makes me feel and I dress up in cute little costumes and dance around! It’s really fun.


You’re also starring in a couple of Japanese porn films based around superheroes. Were they fun to shoot?

It was really fun to shoot because it was in Japan and they’re really odd. I’ve never done anything like it before – it was really kinky and different from American porn. I love Japan; I can’t wait to go back.


I saw a clip of one of the movies where there are girls dressed as Power Rangers having sex with monsters with pneumatic drills for dicks. How do you shoot that?

It’s not difficult; they just lift the costume up.


What are the main differences between Western porn and Japanese porn?

In Western porn the girl is in charge, y’know, she is cumming and enjoying herself… In all my movies I always orgasm, I’m always on top, I’m confident and I run the show. But in Japan the girl is really submissive and, yeah, the porn is about her, but it’s about how she’s not wanting to have sex, and how she doesn’t want to cum, and it involves her being tortured… it’s totally weird and kinky. It’s fun to play a submissive role once in a while but I would definitely not wanna do it all the time.


Is it difficult to shoot a porn scene where you’ve got to look like you’re not enjoying it?

It was a little bit weird at first, but I feel like it’s a role. People have their own opinions but in my private life I like to be submissive in the bedroom so I enjoy the fantasy of it. I like to role play and have fun and use accessories. It’s not supposed to be everyday life – it’s just weird things that go on in your mind that turn you on.


As one of the industry’s biggest up and comers you’ve attracted quite a large following. When was the first time you were noticed on the street by a fan?

I go to school at UCLA and people know I do porn there so when I walk around the street people will so “hey, you’re Tasha Reign! I watch your movies and I’m a big fan!” and stuff like that. It’s really flattering. Sometimes if older people see you in public and recognise you, like at a Starbucks or something, they feel awkward and embarrassed that they’re watching porn so they don’t say anything, but they make it very obvious that they know who I am.


Have your guy friends from college been weird with you since you started doing porn?

Yeah. Everybody changes when they find out you’ve started doing porn. The guys ask you questions about it and they treat you more like you’re a porn girl than a normal girl, so it’s fun when you meet somebody new and they don’t know that you do porn because you’re just treated like a normal person.


Lastly, what more can we expect from Tasha Reign this year? is launching in three weeks. It’ll be a member’s only site and it’ll be really cool – I shoot my own content and there’s a TON of stuff on there that I’ve never done there before, like boy/boy/girl scenes and I’m gonna shoot anal scenes for the first time. I’ve always wanted to do anal but I’m just waiting until I’m ready, but I think I’m almost ready.


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