Talkin’ Sex With Marie McCray

As the Hustler centrefold model prepares for the release of her new film Revenge of the Petities, we here at Crave Online thought it would be the perfect opportunity to have a good ol’ fashioned conversation about sex with porn’s #1 redhead!


CRAVE ONLINE: Tell us a little bit about Revenge of the Petites.

MARIE MCCRAY: The story is based around two girls who have just graduated, so they’re getting ready to go into college and they wanna be accepted into a sorority. They’re made fun of in this one sorority they wanna get into and they’re told that they’re not allowed to join, so they join a smaller one and get revenge on the sorority that told them that they aren’t good enough!


How do they get revenge?

You’ll have to watch the movie to find out!


Ah, very good.



Have you found your relatively short height to be a positive thing or a negative thing in the porn industry?

Well I’m not super short – I’m not like 4’9 or anything! I think being short is fine; I don’t really get picked on too much about it or anything. I’m pretty proportionate all the way around.


Well clearly you’re taking advantage of your height because you’re the star of a film called Revenge of the Petites.

Yeah! (Laughs)


You’ve shot scenes with both guys and girls – what is your favourite gender to perform with?

I like doing boy/girl work and I like doing girl/girl work. I think boy/girl work is more about going in and getting the job done, but I think that there’s more chemistry with girls. You go in and you’re really into the girl, her sexuality and her curves – I think it’s really nice.


You were a stripper before you went into porn – what made you make the leap?

I was dancing for a couple of years before I got into the industry and I was a nude model aswell. I was on a website called One Model Place and I would do nude art and fantasy portraits and things like that – eventually I got contacted by this agency in Florida and they were like “hey, we’ve noticed that you’ve already done some nude stuff, some porn stuff, a little bit of masturbation stuff,  but would you consider doing porn?” and I was like “what does it consist of?” and they were like “well, you’d probably have to do boy/girl porn”. I thought about it for a long time and I finally decided “what the heck – you’ve only got one life to live, you might aswell try it and if you don’t like it, you don’t have to do it!” So I went down there, I tried it, I loved it, and I’ve been doing it ever since.


Were you nervous during your first shoot?

Yeah, I was really nervous, but I was excited to just get it out of the ball park. It was really fun. I had a great time.


How do you work up the courage to have sex on camera?

I can definitely say that dancing was way harder, because I was pretty new and you just get so nervous and scared about people seeing you naked up there dancing on a stage – I think that really helped me get comfortable with my body and get comfortable with being nude in front of other people.


What’s the hardest scene you’ve ever had to shoot?

I do some bondage stuff that’s pretty tough – they use electrical things on you. That hurts. That’s probably the toughest stuff I’ve ever done.


There’s the old saying that “Blondes Have More Fun”, but now with redheads like Christina Hendricks becoming more popular, do you think that redheads now have more fun?

I don’t know whether I’d say that, but I would say that redheads are more feisty and you’re definitely gonna have a better sex life with one (laughs).


Red haired women are a big fantasy among men – have you found your red hair to be advantageous in the porn industry?

Oh yeah, I get men who hit me up on Twitter all the time who say that they’ve always dreamed of having a redhead girl. It is a big fantasy for men!


Have you ever had any creepy fans hit you up?

I had this one fan… I was down in California, going to Wal-Mart, doing my thing, getting my groceries, and I was with my mother and the rest of my family and this guy just kept following me. I didn’t even notice but my mom turned round and said “if this guy keeps following you I’m gonna knock him out!” Finally, he came up to me and said “oh my gosh! You’re Marie McCray! I’m your biggest fan!” So I signed something for him, said “nice to meet you” and he left. It was cool but creepy at the same time.


So you didn’t introduce him to your Mom?

No, not at all.


Oh. Well, if you wasn’t a porn actress, what would you be?

Before I got into the industry I was going to school for accounting, so my big dream before Ibecame a porn actress was to run my own accounting firm.


Wow, really?

Yeah. I do my own taxes each year and a lot of the porn girls come up to me and ask me for advice on theirs!


What’s the best piece of sex advice that you can give to our male readers?          

Good communication. My husband and I are in a very open relationship where communication is key. If you want something done to you and it’s not being done right, then that person’s not gonna know unless you tell them. Say if your husband’s eating you out and it’s just not working for you – you have to communicate and let him know what he should be doing, otherwise it’s just gonna be a failure!


Is it difficult to maintain a long-term relationship with someone when you’re in porn?

We’re both in the industry so that helps a lot. We were both really open and honest about what we do and we tell each other everything. I think it’s great because before him every boyfriend I had I would just cheat on and go have sex with somebody else, whereas with this relationship I get to have sex with other people and I still get to have a great husband!


Would you recommend this open lifestyle you share with your husband to other people?

It’s a good relationship to have, but you have to have a lot of trust in your partner. If your partner has cheated on you before and you feel like you can’t trust them 100%, being a swinger or anything like that probably isn’t a good idea. You have to have complete trust in that person because otherwise you’ll be thinking “my husband wants to have sex with that other girl more than he does with me”. You can’t be like that – you have to be able to trust your partner.


What more can we expect from Marie McCray this year?

I’ve been working hard doing a lot of new films and I’m just gonna keep rockin’ out and having a great time, and hopefully everyone will enjoy my movies!


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