Exclusive: Kevin Feige Spills Guardians of the Galaxy News


At the press junket for The Avengers today, Marvel Studios' President of Production Kevin Feige slipped some information about The Guardians of the Galaxy to CraveOnline, the first concrete news of the film since it was announced back in August 2011. Feige confirmed that the upcoming film will portray the modern incarnation of the team, which includes such intergalactic superheroes as Star-Lord, Drax the Destroyer, Gamora, Groot and everyone's favorite, Rocket Raccoon.

When asked about which non-sequel projects Marvel Studios was prioritizing at the moment, Feige said, "I think whether it's Ant-Man, or Dr. Strange, or The Inhumans, or The Guardians of the Galaxy…"

To which we eagerly cried, "Rocket Racooooon…!"

"We are very excited about bringing things like that, maybe things exactly like that, to the screen. […] When you tell people, you know what would be really cool? This movie, and there's a raccoon, and there's a tree… And they go, 'What?' And people like you know what it is, and get excited. And the majority of people go, 'Did you say a raccoon and a tree?' 'Oh yeah, they're going to steal the whole movie. They're hilarious.' 'Okay, I'll believe it when I see it.' I like that."

When asked for to confirm that an upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy movie would be focused on the new team, as opposed to the original team, created in 1969 which had their own well-received series from Jim Valentino in the 1990s, he clarified: "Yeah. It's more Star-Lord and Drax and Gamora, and less Vance Astro and that team."

Still no word on a start date for The Guardians of the Galaxy yet, as it's just one of several new productions Marvel Studios has been pursuing. Feige did assure us that, "We know what our second movie in 2014 is going to be, but we haven't announced it yet."

CraveOnline will be back with more Guardians of the Galaxy news, because that's how we do it in the Raccooniverse.