Hipster Cat and 4 Other Dubstep Loving Animals

Dubstep: depending upon your taste in music, it’s either the soundtrack to your Friday night or the sound of an AOL dial-up connection being penetrated by a synthesiser.

But regardless of your feelings regarding the genre, these animals absolutely bloody love it: 


Dubstep Bird

Some say that Dubstep Bird lost the ability to fly after skanking too hard; others say that his flightlessness was brought upon by a collision with a patio door. None of that matters, however, as Dubstep Bird is content with his position on his owners carpet, getting down to dirty drops and doing body shots off of cheap cockatoo’s.


Dubstep Hipster Cat

Dubstep Hipster Cat liked dubstep before it was cool. He is known to rip off his ironic moustache in anger whenever anyone says that their favourite dubstep artist is SKRILLEX.


Hype Dog

If there is one better reason to have a dog than to force it to beatbox along to a dubstep soundtrack, this man has not thought of it. 


Hardstyle Dog

Is this a video of a dog skanking, or a video of a dog with a stress-related neurological disorder unable to control the movement of his legs? As the latter option is a bit of a downer, I’m gonna go with the theory that this dog is a major dubstep fan.


Dubstep Lizard

Y’know how longtime followers of dubstep insist that SKRILLEX fans aren’t real dubstep fans? After watching this video, I kind of agree with them. See, apparently this bearded dragon loves SKRILLEX, yet notice how every part of his body remains motionless other now his head? Now I’m not sure whether the Oxford Dictionary has provided a firm definition for skanking yet, but I’m pretty certain that skanking this is not. C’mon, lizard, put some effort into it – you’re embarrassing all the other reptiles.

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