Chinese Knockoffs That Are Awesome

The Uncanny Valley theory tells us that the closer we get something to look like a person, but it still isn't, we are immediately repulsed by the results. It can look human, sound human, but one little thing let's us know it ain't. These Chinese knockoff products are not as subtle, but just as effective at making us turn our heads and go, "THAT'S NOT REAL!"

Oh, but it is amazing. Check out these awesome Chinese knockoff products, and if you're interested in reading more about China's knockoff culture, click the (via) links!


Goojje (via)

What? You don't trust an internet search engine run by a country that hates information? Ni Shi Wen Ti Bu Shi Wo De Wen Ti! (Your problem, not my problem!)


Knock Off NBA Jerseys (via)

"I like the Los Angels Lekars! They're way better than the Minnestota Trailsblazer or the Celtic Bastons!"


Specialman (via)


Alright, so already we know this isn't Superman. But what bothered me about this package was how forlorn "Specialman" looked…


Though drenched in the yellow sun that gives him power, this "Superman" is listless, withdrawn, and not surrounded by anything but the yellow void. This is Specialman. The superhero nobody wanted.


Thomas The F****** TANK Engine (via)

Thomas does not care about pain. Thomas is the destroyer. Thomas is the five-in-one. Thomas is supreme. Thomas refuse to get you to the station. Thomas take you to the DEATH STATION.

Thomas hate being compared to Voltron most…Thomas cannot love.


The Smart Store (NOT The Apple Store) (via)

I love the choice of Obsidian black for the store front, and the subtle "pie" symbol in the "r" lettering. This is a fake Apple store where your fake iPod's and fake Mac books can be fixed? I wonder if they call their workers "Geniuses" or "Most Amazing Followers To The Apple-God"?


Akihabara's Game Bank (via)

I've always wanted a Game Boy that plugged into my Sega Playstation and controlled with Nintendo Dreamcast controlers! Welcome to Dr. TV Game! The system of your dreams!

This store in Japan's famed Akihabara's electronic district specializes in obscure Chinese game knockoffs and the whole district in general is filled with all sorts of weirdness. If you're ever over there you owe yourself a trip. 


Daiads (NOT Adidas) (via)

While this site lists a bunch of keepers, this fake Chinese Adidas shoe was the one where I had to do a double take. Occassionally Chinese knockoff brands find a way of being a superior clone to the original, and I gotta give this one some credit. Amazing work, China.


Sonic The Hedgehog Obama Harry Potter Hitler Stache Backpack (via)

Points for originality and creativity.


Chinese Electric Batman (via)

Finding this was a product of using waaaaay too much Google. If anyone knows what this really is, why it deserves a whole facebook page, or why Batman feels the need to dance in a discotech with a beer swilling Asian guy please let me know.



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