Nathan Fillion is Perfectly Cast in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2’

Nathan Fillion has been a geek icon ever since he starred in Joss Whedon’s awesome (but short-lived) sci-fi series Firefly. Since then he’s starred in a lot of genre flicks and the hit TV series Castle, but despite lots of interest from his fans, he’s never scored a major role in a superhero movie. Until now. Sort of.

You see, Fillion has provided the voice of DC heroes like Green Lantern and Vigilante in several animated productions, but he’s stayed out of the Marvel Universe except for a brief cameo in James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy. Don’t feel bad if you missed him: he had a bit part as a blue alien. The good news about that role is that it still left Nathan Fillion open to play a bigger role in the future. A well-known character, for example, who in the comics was a major part of the Avengers.

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Don’t want it spoiled? Leave now. Because we’re going to tell you who Nathan Fillion is allegedly playing Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 in…






Simon Williams, aka Wonder Man.

Marvel Comics

Marvel Comics

Wonder Man has been through a lot in the comics. He started out as a villain, became an Avenger, dated The Scarlet Witch and – perhaps most notably – had a moderately successful career as an actor. And casting Nathan Fillion as a smarmy actor who just happens to be a superhero is almost too perfect.

The news comes from, which posted the following slideshow of behind the scenes photos from Imgur that tease a “Simon Williams Film Festival,” featuring movie posters that spoof the Oscar-nominated biopic Steve Jobs, with Simon Williams (a.k.a. Nathan Fillion) playing Tony Stark. He also appears to have been in a supernatural thriller series called Haxan, a Conan knockoff based on Marvel’s own Conan knockoff Arkon, and in an obvious nod to director James Gunn’s early career working with Troma, a superhero flick called The Toxic Janitor.

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It seems unlikely that this is anything but a cameo, an in-joke or both, so don’t expect to see Simon Williams suiting up to do battle alongside the Guardians of the Galaxy anytime soon. But if any of the movies wants to use Simon Williams, or if any of the TV shows are looking for a groovy cameo, apparently Nathan Fillion is your man.


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