EXCLUSIVE: Tarsem Singh Reveals ‘Snow White’ Plot Details!

I had a wonderful time hanging out with Tarsem Singh today, talking about his latest action epic Immortals, when the conversation steered towards his as-yet-untitled Snow White movie, which stars Julia Roberts as the evil queen. He gave us some juicy inside details about the plot, the potential rating, and even some potentially SPOILER HEAVY descriptions of the film's ending. The movie isn't set to come out until next year, so we'll warn you when the bigger revelations are coming towards the end of this excerpt from our upcoming interview. 

Be sure to check back at CraveOnline for our full, funny and very in-depth interview with Mr. Singh about the making of Immortals as the 11-11-11 release date looms closer. It's a doozy.


CraveOnline: I have to ask. How is ‘Snow White’ coming?

Tarsem Singh: Awesome.  It was much, much, much, much easier to do, because Julia [Roberts] was so on my side and everyone’s terrified of going against [her]. So all my fights were taken care of. I wanted to make a family film, and they asked me if I wanted to make it edgy, and I said, “No.”


So this is going to be family-oriented all the way.

It is a family film and it is my take on it. That is all I’m interested in.


PG all the way.

I hope so. Because they had a discussion about how they could make [Immortals] PG after we had shot it, and I said “You’ve got a ten minute movie.” [Laughs] I don’t think you can release it as a ten minute movie.


What is your take on that, that’s different from what Disney has done, or the horror version?

[…] In this particular one, it’s like the Queen, who’s looking into the mirror… You know, it’s always like the evil mirror, or she’s evil… She’s not evil; she’s just insecure. I said she’s insecure about beauty, about things that are passing her by, and now she wants to have power. Because the original one is just about vanity. It’s just about “Who’s the fairest?” I just said, so if she looks into the mirror – and I just don’t want her talking to the mirror – so I said she enters the landscape, which is a mindscape, and in there is a house, inside which are many mirrors, and in those mirrors she just talks to herself. So basically, it’s like all those nasty people that’ll always do what they want to do, but they hear voices, or [say] people told them. So it’s actually just her talking to herself. She’s just bad, but wants to outsource the evil and say “That thing told me.”


Oh, that’s really interesting.

So I found that really interesting, so I put one of those in.







I like this vanity aspect, because it always amused me that this woman who’s obsessed with beauty, at the end of the story, turns herself into a hag…

Hag! [Laughs] For me, in this one, she gets turned into a hag.


Okay, so that’s her comeuppance.

Because basically there’s a particular charm that she’s put around something that gets broken, her true age comes out. So it isn’t “I’m melting, I’m melting,” but it’s pretty gross! [Laughs]