X:Men Regenesis Covers Revealed!

Marvel’s been teasing this stuff for weeks, and now all the covers and characters are finally revealed, so you can find out where to check out your favorite mutants once the aftermath of X-Men: Schism shakes out and the teams are all juggled.  Apparently, the rumors of Cyclops’ death may have been greatly exaggerated at Comic-Con.

Click on the images below for full sized looks.




Cyclops is alive and alongside Emma and Juggerlossus, while Kitty Pryde will be with Wolverine’s team.  Sadness for the shippers there, although Kitty sure seems hastily added to that cover.  And apparently, Rogue and Gambit are back on the same squad, so if you like that kind of thing, bully for you.  Psylocke will be pulling double duty on X-Men and X-Force, which seems to have the Age of Apocalypse Nightcrawler on board – and no sign of Archangel, it’s important to note.  Wolverine’s not on the X-Force cover either, which would be a huge loss for them.  X-Factor seems to be intact and adding Havok and Polaris, who are apparently back from outer space.  Incidentally – no idea what’s been going on with Moonstar there, but the fact that she’s a former Asgardian warrior who is now toting guns around seems kinda fun.

So there you have it.  Which X-books will you be reading come November?