Moon Bloodgood on ‘Falling Skies’

Among genre fans, Moon Bloodgood may be best known for her roles in "Terminator Salvation," "Day Break" and "Journeyman;" as well as her memorable guest turns on "Burn Notice," "Human Target" and "Monk." But more recently, Bloodgood has starred as Dr. Anne Glass in TNT's blockbuster series, "Falling Skies."

We caught up with Bloodgood to talk about her experiences during the first season, working with her castmates and what she would like to see Anne do in the second season.


Crave Online: What brought you to "Falling Skies"?

Moon Bloodgood: Well certainly when you get handed a script and they tell you it’s Bob Rodat and Steven Spielberg, you’re immediately drawn to it. It’s got your attention. I was a little cautious about wanting to do science fiction again. But it was more of a drama story, more of a family story. I liked that and I wanted to work with Spielberg. I liked the idea of playing a doctor and deviating from something I had done already. And I just love the story, the family. It was simple. It wasn’t trying to hard.

Crave Online: Do you have any favorite moments from the first season?

Moon Bloodgood: It was really exciting when we had to do the de-harnessing scene. That’s when we try to take a harness off a child. I had to look like I was simultaneously in control but also in over my head. So that was interesting, to watch that. And we had a great actor; Steven Weber, who played Doctor Harris. It was fun, it was exciting, and I got to do the doctor in surgery thing. That was kind of exciting.

Crave Online: Do you have your schedule blocked out for the second season?

Moon Bloodgood: I have no idea. I kind of, very vaguely think in the back of my mind, "I should have those dates open," but I can’t really go into any other TV. My first priority and contractually I am with TNT. I could go do a movie and everything but I’d have to be careful and make sure that I’m ready for this.

Crave Online: Do you have any movies coming up?

Moon Bloodgood: I’m doing a movie right now called "The Surrogate" with John Hawkes and Helen Hunt. I’m really excited about it. It’s a really cool indie film. It’s about a paraplegic guy named Mark O’Brian who finds a sex therapist; they call it a sex surrogate. And it’s a true story, and I play one of his assistants who helps him get from place to place because he’s unable to, you know he’s got an iron lung he’s unable to move much of his body parts. But the one body part he can. (laughs)

Crave Online: Besides Noah Wyle, who do you have the most chemistry working with during the first season?

Moon Bloodgood: Seychelle (Gabriel). Seychelle and I would say Will Patton, because Moon Bloodgood loves Will Patton (laughs). And Seychelle because Moon Bloodgood could love Seychelle too, but I think it’s nice when I get to do stuff with women. Seychelle’s a younger girl (Lourdes) who’s also pre-med and has no parent, and I’ve kind of taken her under my wing in helping her learn things. There’s just a sisterly relationship between us, and she means so much to me.

Crave Online: How would you describe Anne’s character arc over the course of the season?

Moon Bloodgood: I would say mine doesn’t have as much of a curve as I think some of the other characters. I think I was more like the foundation, really stable, mid tempo character beat that was just always supportive. At times I got emotional and at times I went up against people but I really always kept my cool and always was the stable one, the supportive one, and never let anybody see me fall. But I think deep inside I was going through the arc of "I’m in so much mourning" to actually finding people I love. And there’s a moment when I get hurt and I learn how to use a gun and I see a side of myself that becomes violent. And that’s the part of the arc of the character that I enjoyed.


Crave Online: How would you compare Anne to the character you played in "Terminator Salvation"? They both have post-apocalyptic experience…

Moon Bloodgood: I have said that word so many times (laughs). I know I do. I live in the post-apocalyptic world. My theory is because I’m Asian and white I sort of look like the future. I’m the melting pot. I represent what people think of when they think of the future and aliens come, or not. Also, one reporter pointed out that I am a strong female character, so maybe that’s why I get those kinds of parts.  I do gravitate towards them, no doubt.

In "Terminator Salvation" I am a pilot, I’m an athlete, I’m in the military. I go toe to toe with Christian Bale’s character John Connor. In that position I am much more balls to the wall, I am a guy’s girl. In "Falling Skies," I play a doctor. I’m a pediatrician. I’m much more maternal, I’m softer, I have a real issue with violence, it goes against my nature. So they’re very opposing. One is more radical, one’s much more mellow and matriarchal.

Crave Online: Do you enjoy playing the more passive… Well, your character’s not really passive, but…

Moon Bloodgood: But I know what you’re saying. Compared to what I do play, it is passive. And right now I’m playing a passive role, which I like, in the movie I’m doing. I like change, like anybody. You don’t want to keep doing the same thing because then it gets harder to take chances, be creative, and feel inspired when you’re doing the same thing. I bet you I’m going to start missing doing action stuff but it’s been nice not to have to do gun training and all that and just be able to be a character and not be about sex drugs and rock ‘n roll, if you know what I mean.

Crave Online: In the second season, where would you like to see Anne’s character arc go?

Moon Bloodgood: I would love to see Anne have an issue with Tom. I think that would make it interesting. I would love to do things with Will Patton. And I would absolutely love to do scenes with more of the women, and have a more female, feminine character thread through it.

Crave Online: Let’s talk more about your costars. Who do you really enjoy working with on the show besides the three that you’ve already mentioned?

Moon Bloodgood: They’re all awesome. Most actors are. We work; we have our good days and our bad days. I would say I liked all of them. I had a thing with Seychelle, she and I became really close and sang a lot and did music, she’s very musical. And Will Patton, I really looked up to. Noah is a veteran, so I was learning things and he was teaching me – ways to do my scenes as a doctor. Who can I get better doctor tips for TV from? Not just your regular doctor stuff but the moves that make you look like you actually, maybe know what you’re doing. They were all great. And I learned different things from each person, as you do on every project you work on.

Crave Online: Do you have any closing thoughts on "Falling Skies"?

Moon Bloodgood: I hope that people like the characters. I think they’re going to be very satisfied with the science fiction aspect of it; I hope they want to come on that journey with all of us. And only time will tell. And hopefully I don’t suck in it. You know, that’s my closing statement (laughs). Hopefully I don’t suck!