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10 Clear Signs Your Religion Is Really a Cult

There’s a very fine line between religion and cult. Like the difference between tight pants and skinny jeans, it takes a keen eye to spot the oft-minute shadings of your spiritual clan well before the group orgy and blood sacrifice starts.

As theologians and cult enthusiasts of some renown, we’ve spent months infiltrating the top religions and bottom cults to pinpoint the nigh invisible line between a culturally acceptable spiritual organization and one your best friend is forced to call your mom about at 3 o’clock in the morning in a last, desperate plea to pull you out before the final Kool-Aid is consumed.

Whether you’re preparing to dial the number of your best friend’s mom, the leader of said questionable religious organization, or simply a spiritual hobbyist slowly being sucked into a group setting, here are ten signs your god club is really just a cult. Hey, we’re not judging. If you like wearing the dismembered head of a goat whilst dancing beneath the zodiac night around a fire made of copal with a bunch of naked strangers, more power to you. Just remember, you might be in a c**t.

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