Trump-Endorsed Candidate Wants to Ruin Your Sex Life by Making This 1 Thing Illegal

Jacky Eubanks, a Trump-endorsed candidate running for a state representative seat in Michigan’s 63rd House District, is just the right amount of batshit to win in today’s clownish and deranged Republican party. If you don’t have any actual ideas or sound policy to help better people’s lives socially and economically, then you might be running as a Republican. And boy does Eubanks lack ideas and policy.

As concern grows over the future of reproductive rights across the United States after a leaked Supreme Court majority opinion showed the court appeared poised to overturn Roe v. Wade, many red states are taking the chance to ban abortion themselves.

But if you’re a psychotic, far-right Christian who has never actually read Jesus’ teachings, then why just stop abortion? Moreover, why not just ban birth control and really force those loose ladies to have a kid so you can deny any type of benefits for the child once they’re actually born? That’s exactly what Eubanks wants to do.

In an interview with far-right Christian Michael Voris, Eubanks was pressed on whether she would vote to make contraception illegal in Michigan.

“All of this could be avoided if we were actually a truly pro-life nation, which means conceiving a child is a beautiful and sacred thing. And that is why sex ought to be between one man and one woman in the confines of marriage, and open to life,” she said.

Yes, if only we actually were a nation based on the distorted Christian views of a crazy church lady, as opposed to say a secular nation of laws. It’s almost as if people like Eubanks not only can’t hear themselves talk but also don’t even try to conceal the fact that they’re total wackos not fit to serve ice cream. So it only seems fitting that Donald Trump would endorse her candidacy.

Our only advice is if you’re sleeping someone who supports either of these politicians, first, get your head checked, and second, BYOP (bring your own protection)!

Cover Photo: electjackyeubanks


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