9 Dance Crazes We Should Lay To Rest (Hint: All of Them)

It almost seems that each year we have new dance crazes that take the world by storm. This has been the case since the dawn of dance, even long before 12-year-olds were dabbing their way into oblivion on TikTok with the Fortnite Dance.

Of course, who doesn’t like getting drunk at their cousin’s wedding and busting out a little YMCA on the dance floor?

With the advent of the internet, however, dance crazes seemed to cross borders like wildfire, coaxing everyone and their mother to make God-awful videos from their living rooms to share with the world.

To celebrate the ever-shifting sands of time and the fads that come along with them, let’s dive into the nine dance crazes we used to love, though are now more than happy to lay to rest.

1. Macarena

We’re sure that when Los del Rio put out “Macarena” in the late ’90s, he probably didn’t expect it to be the earworm of weddings and middle-aged New Year’s fiestas for decades to come.

Can we just take a moment and consider how boring the dance actually is?

It’s almost something our preschool teachers would have taught us to improve our motor functions. However, we suppose the good news is that this series of robotic hand movements lacks any form of exclusivity. Even if you can’t body roll, shake your hips, or dance with your partner without crushing their feet, at least you can Macarena.

2. Shuffling

It might surprise you to find out that kids have been shuffling it up at rave stages since the ’80s.

However, it wasn’t until LMFAO came on the scene in the late 2000s that middle-school quads became literal stomping grounds for backpack-sporting, candy-wearing, LED-glove stunting rave kids.

Do yourself a favor and toss those old faux-fur boots. They’ve taken enough of a beating in their lifetime.

3. Voguing

If you remember the ballroom dance scene that appeared during the ’80s, we’re sorry you didn’t party hard enough to forget.

Voguing became an instantaneous hit for underground club rats and the LGBT community. It got its name from the iconic fashion publication and was meant to look like someone fluidly posing for a series of photographs.

In 1990, Madonna popularized the dance with her hit single, “Vogue,” paving the way for a generation of dancefloor mimes.

At this point, if you’re not a backup dancer for Lady Gaga, lay your voguing to rest.

4. The Jerk

If you look through history, it’s easy to see that dance crazes draw inspiration from the wildest places.

With that said, it’s most likely the case that the “jerk” originated from that dude on the Bird scooter who thinks he has the right of way when driving down Santa Monica Blvd (you know who you are!)

Now, in the defense of jerking, it can look pretty cool in conjunction with other hip-hop dance moves. Though, considering the fact that most of its supporters jerked in skinny jeans with inspiration from the Cali duo, New Boyz, it lost some cool points.

5. Crank That Soulja Boy

We gotta give it to Soulja Boy, as he was truly one of the first internet influencers before hoards of TikToking teens and face-tatted Soundcloud rappers hit the scene. Upon the release of “Crank That (Soulja Boy),” it was clear that we had the biggest hip-hop dance craze since the Humpty Hump in the early ’90s.

What was even better is that Soulja Boy put out an instructional video, teaching a generation of kids around the world how to “Superman dat ho” in their downtime.

We can’t say we’ve seen anyone flailing their arms around to this dance lately, though if you’re out there, it’s probably time to move on.

6. Watch Me Whip, Watch Me Nae Nae

Watch me do absolutely none of that.

The Whip and Nae Nae craze first hit the scene back in 2013, coming straight out of none other than Atlanta.

While not the dance’s originator, many people credit rapper Silento and then-toddler Riley Curry for its immense popularity.

Yes, little kids are plenty entertaining enough when given any silly dance. This was simply one that should not have stuck around.

7. Cha Cha Slide

Having memories of your great aunt’s second wedding yet?

We’re sure we could talk to DJ Casper today and he would tell us it was never his intention to be the theme song for every wedding reception in America.

However, in a song filled with commands, telling people when to slide, which direction, and the perfect point to “cha-cha real smooth,” it’s hard not to obey that sultry voice, especially after downing that second cosmo, right Gladys?

8. Gangnam Style

Pretend you’re at the club for a second. Now imagine someone gallops out on the dancefloor riding their imaginary horse. Is there fear in your eyes yet? Well, Psy’s “Gangnam Style” was a clear success when it first graced the Internet, becoming the very first YouTube video to surpass one billion views.

It turns out that “Gangnam Style” was actually a love song. Does that make us any more accepting of some of the world’s top celebrities having a go at it on camera?

Absolutely not.

9. The Strasbourg Dance Craze of 1518

Quite possibly one of history’s worst dance crazes was the dance craze that hit Strasbourg, Germany, in 1518. The locals kept dancing until they literally dropped dead. According to legend, they danced all summer.

Was it similar to the Harlem Shake or more like the two-step? Unfortunately, this is one of the few dance crazes where we may never know the answer. What we can tell you is you certainly won’t find this craze on Dance Dance Revolution. However, if you’re taking part in this dance craze, proceed with caution.

Cover Photo: Raylipsecombe (Getty Images)