Mandatory Hack: The Genius Shortcut For Disarming Your Mom

Moms are wildcards. They give you life and later they’ll threaten you to take that life away. That’s the kind of power mothers have over their creations aka you. Of course, moms also tend to have some pretty big reactions and sometimes need to peacefully be subdued after you break their heart with disappointment. Obviously, like all good moms, your mom will come around, but initially, your mother may have a big reaction. Thankfully, this hack from @anwar will teach you a genius shortcut to prevent it from ever happening again.

Image: @anwar (TikTok)

What You’ll Need

  • Cat-like Reflexes
  • Someone To Practice With
  • A Shoe

So, let’s run a simple scenario to teach you how to use this technique with your mom. You’re visiting your mom’s house and she says something you fundamentally disagree with. You laugh at her and she glares at you. It’s a look you’ve experienced hundreds if not, thousands of times in your life. Whatever she says next you scoff at responding, “Get f*cked.” Now she gives you a look you hopefully haven’t seen in years. Her head’s probably spinning around with flames coming out of her eyes, ears, and mouth. “Now you’ve done it,” she says, her house shoe magically appearing in her hand. As she raises it in her right hand, you deflect and grab her wrist with your left hand, using your right to knock the shoe away.

@anwarSelf Defense♬ original sound – Anwar Jibawi

Wait, you thought this ends with you besting your mother? Think again, dude. She gave you life and she can take it away whenever she wants. That said, send her flowers today for even clicking on this link.