feral girl summer

‘Feral Girl Summer’ Is Coming and Thank God We’re Immunized

Move over Hot Vax Summer; Feral Girl Summer is coming and we are ready to get down and dirty. We have the lovely ladies of TikTok to thank for this trend; the video-sharing platform has been inundated with women sharing how they plan to handle their horniness during the sultriest season of the year.

So what does Feral Girl Summer mean, exactly? Well, depending on which TikToker’s philosophy you subscribe to, it could mean a certain aesthetic (messier hair, casual clothes, less makeup). Or it could involve “not taking any shit.” It might mean “upwards of 20 vodka sodas” over the course of a weekend “while running around the club like a feral rat.” Or it might entail “4 am reddit holes, diet coke first thing in the morning, fistfulls [sic] of raw pasta as a snack, 3 weeks of no response followed by an unhinged 12 page rant.”

Watch and see what we (they) mean:

@jasminejanaimusic It’s been a feral girl life if I’m being honest #fyp #feralgirls #OutlanderChallenge ♬ Curious – Jasmine Janai

@useri7zyl4yqy6 Not sorry In advance #fyp #feralgirlspring #chaos ♬ original sound – Jeris Johnson

@__mull Sunday Scaries affirmation babes no regrets #ratproverbs #goingout #edm #clubbing #fyp ♬ original sound – Ian Asher

@horrible.glitter #feralgirlsummer #thatgirl #aloyoga ♬ Manifest – Meditationclass(remind daily)

Like a lot of things on the internet, it’s whatever you want it to be. Why not go find yourself a girl and define together what “feral” means for the two of you? (We have a feeling it involves a lot of that other F word…)

Cover Photo: TikTok



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