Watch Mom Eat Daughter’s Weed Cookies By Mistake, Get Hilariously High in Viral Video

Before you sneak someone else’s snacks, you might want to ask what’s in them. That’s a lesson a mom in Caloundra, Queensland, recently learned after accidentally wolfing down three of her daughter’s weed cookies.

In a now-viral video, the woman’s adult daughter catches her mom mid-chew.

“How many of those have you had?” the daughter asks.

“A couple,” the mom answers nonchalantly as she goes over a piece of paperwork with a pen. “With my tea.”

One beat later, the mom becomes panicky as she realizes something might be awry.

“How many exactly have you had?” asks the daughter.

“Three,” the mom said. “It tasted a bit weird, though.”

“There’s bud in them,” the daughter informs her, to which the mom reacts by spitting out cookie bits all over the table.

When the mom realizes what’s happened, she gets angry.

“Why’s there drugs in your cookies?” she demands to know.

The video then cuts to a little while later, when the cannabis kicks in…and the mom is seen on the patio, holding a giant duster and laughing her ass off over nothing.

Sigh. That daughter better hide her weed cookies good from now on, because we suspect Mom is going to want to binge on them again – this time, on purpose!

Screenshot: New York Post



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