First Man on Twitter Successfully Changes His Mind After Being Told How Wrong He Was (No, But You Were Right the First Time)

People don’t go on Twitter to learn things. They use the social media platform to spout their mouths off. That old adage that “opinions are like assholes; everyone has one” doesn’t seem to register with those who like to shoot off snarky tweets. But one man recently had a “come to Jesus” moment about criticizing others after some heavy backlash on Twitter.

His name is Jeremy Schneider, and he unwittingly threw himself in the lion’s den when he tweeted, “Please know, if you’re someone who brings a book to the bar… nobody likes you.”

The masses came out in defense of bookworm barflies.

You get the idea.

But instead of just continuing the argument, Schneider actually listened to the backlash, then had a sit-and-think – at a bar, with a book. And his perspective did a total 180. Not only that, he shared his change of heart with the very same people who attacked him. The highlights:

So, let’s review: dude says something insensitive, gets dragged for it, realizes his mistake, then apologizes for it online? Have we just witnessed a total transformation from cancel culture to redemption culture? If so, we like where the internet is headed.

But for the record: Schneider wasn’t wrong in the first place.

Cover Photo: Flashpop (Getty Images)



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