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Watch Pigeons Become as Stupidly Obsessed With Smartphones As We Are

We all know that if someone calls you a “bird brain,” it’s not a compliment. But we might not be that much more evolved than our feathered friends after all, especially not if this viral video is to be believed. It involves a bunch of pigeons who basically discover smartphones for the first time – and what do most of us use our phones for? Watching stupid videos.

Someone put a video of a pigeon pecking at seeds on their cell phone. Then they somehow attracted a gaggle of birds who not only wanted to watch their avian relative eat, but insisted on interacting with it – by pecking the screen. Soon, the phone was swarmed with pigeons who wanted to see what all the fuss was about. The birds literally push, shove, and peck at one another to get a better view of the action.

The scene looks familiar, doesn’t it? While we humans might not hover around a single cell phone screen for a peek at the latest trending video, we do all gawk from our respective devices at the same dumb phenomenon, just like these pigeons.

It begs the question: who’s the real bird brain here?

Cover Photo: New York Post