Funny GIFs Perfectly Depicting the Feeling of Walking Into a Spider Web

Despite our many differences, there are some experiences that tie us together in an unbreakable bond. It doesn’t matter how old you are, who your football team is, or how many pants you’ve ripped while bending over to pick up a lucky penny. Walking into a spider web and freaking out will forever be our sacred bond.

Because we all know that feeling of sudden panic. The five-alarm fire that sweeps your body the moment you walk into an invisible, sticky nightmare, unable to escape. Hoping some beady-eyed arachnid isn’t slipping its way into your ear as your limbs flail helplessly, friends and loved ones backing away in disgust.

In honor of this shared sensation that perfectly encapsulates the spooky terror of Halloween, we’ve compiled a little gallery of horror. Enjoy watching others freak out, smug in the knowledge that (at least this time), it isn’t you walking face-first into a morning web. But beware when you go trick or treating this year. A lot of folks went super budget on Halloween schwag, and what appears to be fun decor sprucing up your neighbor’s front gate may just be an actual spider web.

Cover Photo: Sergii Zarev / EyeEm (Getty Images)

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