15 GIFs That Accurately Describe Your First Cold Plunge

If the thought of jumping into cold water causes you and your private parts pain, fear not. We’re going to be as straight up with you as a snow wang before the afternoon thaw. Yes, the initial shock of hitting the water is, how shall we say, exhilarating. OK, maybe that’s way underselling it. It’s a total shock to the system but in a good way. The cold might shrivel your family parts faster than your urologist saying catheter. However, the rush gives you more pep than a cup of espresso or an energy drink.

That’s not the only reason yogis, soldiers and pro athletes are taking the plunge. There could be major health benefits as well, especially when combining a cold soak with a hot shower. One study found adding a cold shock to your daily routine can reduce the chances of getting sick by 29 percent. A dip in frosty fluid can also release loads of feel-good endorphins. This pure high is nature’s cleanest and coolest burn. Here are 15 GIFs that will give you an idea of what to expect for your first cold-water plunge.

Cover Photo: Eduardo Munoz Alvarez (Getty Images)

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