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25 Church Signs So Funny Even God Had a Good Laugh

When it comes to all matters pertaining to God, society gets pretty serious. In fact, some of our biggest wars have been based on religion. Fortunately, there’s a little known proverb that can help to lighten things up. It says, “He who laughs at a funny church sign prays twice.” This is because God’s been keyed into the comedy world ever since he yelled “Psych!” to stop Abraham from killing Isaac. Thankfully, social media has made it so that we can all pray up by perusing clever church signs. Even if you never plan to set foot in a house of worship, you too can get some quality time with Jesus from the jokesters behind these church signs. So get on your knees and prepare yourself for the church’s attempt at a marketing scheme for your soul.

Photo: Pinterest

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What was on the funniest church sign you ever spotted? Let us know what it said in the comments!

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