15 Funny GIFs That Hilariously Express How It Feels to Open a Crap Gift

Bad gifts are an inevitable part of Christmas, just like lukewarm eggnog, cloying carolers, and the annual argument about the football game. No matter what the offending present is (though we’re going to guess unsolicited underwear is at the top of the list), you can’t admit to your disappointment, at least not verbally, because the holidays demand merriment. Still, even the best of us let our masks slip from time to time and our facial expressions give away our true feelings. These 15 funny reaction GIFs hilariously express how it feels to open a crap gift. Laugh your ass off now because from here on out, it’s going to be forced smiles and lackluster “thank you”s all the way through the new year.

Cover Photo: NBC

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