Comedian Nick Offerman Goes For Bronze In Annual Whisky-Drinking Video

Photo: LarisaBlinova (Getty Images)

In what has become a holiday tradition, comedian, actor, writer, and all-around whisky aficionado Nick Offerman (in a collaboration with Lagavulin distillery) releases a “yule log” video. For the uninitiated, a yule log video is a very long, looping video of a roaring fireplace. You can find them on YouTube, Netflix, and various other places. They are great for people who enjoy fires but are afraid of fire, don’t have a fireplace, don’t want to smell like smoke, or are too lazy to make an actual fire. In Offerman’s version, he silently sits in a comfortable chair in front of a fireplace while he intermittently sips Scotch whisky.

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The original version was released three years ago, lasts 45 minutes, and is the perfect background to your next holiday soiree. The following year, Lagavulin dropped a 10-hour video so you never had to worry about it starting over. Last year, the brand released an hour-long (followed by a 10-hour version) New Year’s Eve count-down video. This year, Offerman and Lagavulin have taken the idea to a whole new level.

Teaming up with the Chicago Blackhawks might not seem like a natural progression, but that’s exactly what Offerman did. In a truly bizarre moment, former Blackhawks players Patrick Sharp and Adam Burrish surprised fans at a Blackhawks game on Dec. 2 with a “statue induction ceremony.” And no, it wasn’t a statue of one of the Blackhawks’ players, it was Nick Offerman.

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Also, it wasn’t technically a statue at all. It was Offerman painted to look like a bronze statue. After the curtain was shifted aside, Offerman proceeded to sit and slowly sip Lagavulin for 45 minutes straight. The ceremony and the aftermath were broadcast on Facebook. After seeing this over-the-top video, it makes us wonder how Offerman and Lagavulin can possibly top this next year?